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"I love this team at Peninsula Physical Therapy! Sharon and Mark worked diligently with me on my knee injury. The family atmosphere of the team offered emotional support in addition to the rehab exercises needed for my knee injury. Unfortunately, the end recovery solution appears to be surgery. I cannot completely express my gratitude and love to Sharon for her caring and support. Thank you!!"
Dec 27, 2023
"Wow! I broke my finger in two places but Alyson and Tami helped me get on the road to recovery. If you need help this is the place to go!!"
Sep 08, 2022
"I highly recommend Peninsula PT! I recovered here from an elbow surgery, and the staff here are all beyond amazing! I worked mostly with Alyson, who always went ABOVE AND BEYOND for me. She is so knowledgeable and truly cares about her patients. Alyson always helped me so much at my appointments , but also even went out of her way to help me outside of my appointments by always making sure I had exercise band to take home so that I could do therapy at home too, gave me stuff to take home to help heal my surgery scars, and even gave me an elbow sleeve to make me more comfortable at work. I would not have recovered without Alyson and I’m so happy I came here! You really will get the best treatment here! After 8 months, I just had my last appointment and I can honestly say that I will be sad to not be seeing these amazing people anymore! If you’re looking for a Physical Therapist, this is the place!! "
Apr 16, 2022
"We recently moved to Belfair. I came to Peninsula PT after my 6th knee surgery which had a difficult & long recovery. I felt like everyone genuinely cared about my recovery and always encouraged me in a positive manner. I would highly recommend this family owned business to anyone who needs physical therapy. You’ll feel at home! Thank you Mark & all the Ladies for caring so much! "
Feb 24, 2022
"They do wonderful work!"
Feb 21, 2022
"Thank you Bob, Sharon, Teresa and Jill Peninsula therapy is a wonderful place. Today was my 81st visit for my frozen shoulder , I am finally done. I feel like I am leaving my friends. You all are so nice and funny. I highly recommend this place to receive treatment. Everyone is very well trained in their job, patient, and polite. Thank you all again very much, take care Michele"
Dec 10, 2021
"I have been going to therapy for almost a year, twice a week for a frozen shoulder. Never knew what a frozen shoulder was but now I can say, it is the worst. Omg so painful. Bob, Sharon, Theresa and Jill have been so great. Very helpful, patient and knowledgeable. They know what they are doing. They are a funny group. And Mrs Sharon and her singing. Highly recommend this place. "
Dec 02, 2021
"After a shoulder injury I had physical therapy approximately 9 months at Peninsula Physical Therapy. Alyson and Tammi did an outstanding job working solo and together to make sure I got the treatment I needed. My therapy was tailored around my injury and my body structure, making it very concise treatment with improvements each visit. Not only did they provide the best experience while I was in the office, but I was also given exercises that varied throughout my time with them. They both listened and understood what I felt and recommended exercises that could slowly incorporate daily tasks I was unable to do when I initially got injured. My shoulder prohibited me from normal day activities that I enjoyed and they worked very hard and cared about what was happening. Alyson and Tammi were aligned through the entire treatment and remained consistent. I am not a person to write reviews but cannot pass up the opportunity to praise and HIGHLY RECOMMEND Peninsula Physical Therapy to you. Thank you Alyson and Tammi for the great work and knowledge I have gained from this experience. "
Nov 16, 2021
"A highly knowledgeable group of employees and enjoyable to be around. I highly recommend them for your PT needs. "
Nov 03, 2021
"I had 2 total knee replacements and spent about 1-1/2 years with the most professional, courteous (and even though I was in pain) Funest people to be with in my situation. Unfortunately or should I say fortunately I will be going back to have Mark and his professional staff including the office staff get me back on my feet again after my possible hip replacements...I am now back to part time work thanks to them and getting better every day. Thanks again, ken"
Aug 30, 2021
"Peninsula Physical Therapy is just awesome! All of the people who work there (the therapists and the office staff) are super nice and they know what they're doing. I recently had a knee replacement and I chose Peninsula Physical Therapy as the place I would do my therapy. I'm so glad I did. They were always happy to see me and they always made the therapy fun and interesting. It's obvious that they care about their patients. I especially appreciated the fact that they all had a great sense of humor too - which helps when you're doing physical therapy. I will definitely be going there again when I have my other knee done. They rock! They're the best around. "
Jun 01, 2021
"I highly recommend Peninsula Physical Therapy for any recovery needs. I have been a frequent patient for my knees. All of the staff are very knowledgeable to help reach your goals of healing and gaining strength. They are also very kind and encouraging to get you through the physical therapy and back to normal. I honestly do not think I would have made it through the years and two full knee replacements without them. "
Jan 18, 2021
"I couldn't be more pleased with Peninsula Physical Therapy. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. They were truly concerned with the progress of my recovery and guided me through the process with care and compassion. Hopefully I won't be in need of a physical therapist anytime soon, but if so, I wouldn't think of going anywhere else but here."
Dec 18, 2020
"Excellent ! Very knowledgable and caring staff. My PT Bob has helped me through two shoulder replacements back to the point where I can resume all the activities I enjoy without pain or discomfort. Highly recommend Peninsula Physical Therapy."
Oct 21, 2020
"I highly recommend Peninsula Physical Therapy. I have had 5 surgeries treated by Mark and his staff. I returned back to full duty all five times. 2 meniscus tears. 2 full knee replacements and a shoulder surgery.The staff is professional and courteous and very friendly! as many times as i have been there, they feel like family. all of the therapist are excellent!"
Oct 09, 2020
"I recently underwent hip surgery to remove a bursa, lengthen an IT Band and repair a torn abductor tendon so I knew PT was paramount to my ultimate recovery. I’ve had 6 sessions so far with 3 different therapists and all were very helpful, professional and encouraging. If you live anywhere on the Hood Canal and don’t want to drive to Bremerton/Port Orchard, i would highly recommend this clinic for your post surgical physical therapy needs. "
Mar 23, 2020

From personal testimonials

Sometimes you meet the right person at the right time that impacts your life significantly. Alyson has been that person for me. After my auto accident, I had multiple injuries and I was determined to recover 100%. Alyson’s understanding of the mind/body connection and especially her structural integration experience and knowledge have been key to helping me achieve my goal

– Karla O.

Mark and crew at Peninsula PT are awesome! I have been to PPT for 6 different ailments over the last 6 years and have had good results with all of them. PPT is like family, putting your health and well being first and foremost. I can’t say enough about their knowledge, professionalism and care. We are lucky to have them in our community

– Barb R., Belfair

Thank you for taking care of my whole damaged family

– The W’s, Belfair

Thank you for all the TLC. I am doing great and my hand rarely bothers me.

– Cheryl E., Belfair.

Thank you for taking very good care of me and my momma this last year!

– Denise S., Belfair

From anonymous patient satisfaction surveys:

All staff members are always conducting themselves above the norm. I cannot say enough good thanks about my care. Peninsula PT is beyond reproach

They are great folks and very helpful

When you ARE good, it is hard to improve.

Everyone at Peninsula PT was incredibly friendly, caring and professional. In the event I ever need PT again I would certainly come here.

Everyone was helpful and professional and I would highly recommend Peninsula Physical Therapy to anyone.

The entire experience has been enjoyable, friendly and helpful.

I have had great help from staff in helping me get movement back in my right arm

It feels like the bar in “Friends” 😀